Saturday, August 8, 2009

Warning! May contain crack.

My new addiction: string cheese. This stuff is awesome, you can eat it in chunks if you're just h'ongry! or you can play with your food by pulling it into string-like pieces. This stuff is sheer genius, but very addictive. I could eat this stuff any time of day, and unfortunately, so could my cats. If they see me (or rather smell me) with the stuff, I am stalked to no end until I "share," which usually consists of me spending more time breaking up pieces for them than actually eating it. Oh geez, I have too many damn cats...... Or else they put crack in the stuff. Whichever works.

Monday, August 3, 2009

my first time *blush*

Hello world! This is the Great Angla, writing my first blog. Allow me to introduce myself, I am a host of things, not limited to:
* an old married lady (aka a 27 year-old who has been married for *gasp* 2 whole years as of tomorrow
* the proprietor of a cat hotel, as we have 8 cats (the current count) and should buy stock in Purina
* a slave to Elon's Doctor of Physical Therapy program, quite literally, as I am on my 24 week clinical affiliation at UNC Hospitals, where I am working as a free physical therapist
* a Carolina grad, and a Tar Heel forever (suck it Dookies!!) O:-)
* a used-to-be avid reader, but grad school has killed this for me
* an internet junkie, in need of rehabilitation (does this count?)
* someone who is trying to clean up their act, in an eco-friendly sort of way
in addition to many many more things, sure to come out at a later time.
I hope you will enjoy the blogs to come, complete with irony, anger and frustration. These seem to be the tenets that rule my life, and I will be glad to illustrate them for you all.

Until next time..... *giggles*